Greatly Improve Your Vehicles Engine Response with Power Pedal

Improve the response of the engine when the accelerator/gas pedal is pressed

Does not affect manufacturers warranty!

Since 2002 by the most manufacturers the accelerator works no longer mechanically, directly via linkage or cable, instead via the engine control unit on the throttle elements (for gasoline engines) or via the injection system (diesel engines). These so-called "drive by wire" systems are often subject to a perceptible signal delay. The 1016 Industries POWER PEDAL is directly connected to the accelerator pedal and optimized independently the signal of the electronic accelerator pedal, causing the engine control unit is induced to another control function. This results in a much more direct response of the vehicle.

It is, contrary to popular belief not possible to cause the speed of the signal by quickly pressing the accelerator.


See if Power Pedal is available for your vehicle

Improves the response of your vehicle

More direct throttle response

Sportier handling

More torque even at low speed

No additional burden on the engine

"Made in Germany" from the development to the production site in Sinzig

EMC Certification

3 power levels to choose from

Only small subtle switch in the interior visible

Easy to Install & Remove

See below

  1. Locate the throttle sensor in the foot space. This is right on the accelerator pedal.
  2. Loosen the connector from the accelerator pedal.
  3. Now plug the connector from the Power Pedal in the accelerator pedal sensor.
  4. Then connect the plug to the original Power Pedal.
  5. Then install the Power Pedal and the switch to an appropriate position.