up to 40% MORE POWER & 15% FUEL SAVING

Unleash your engines full potential

Your engine can do even more!

Most manufacturers are supplying vehicles with the same engine used but with different power levels. This means that only the software at the ECU is responsible for the actual power delivery. At this point we can offer the tuning box of 1016 Industries which gives you the extra power of the higher output models and for a fraction of the dealer price.

Also in vehicle engines there are significant power reserves to handle the different air pressures, limit values for waste gases and fuel differentials for varying global markets.

Where a large part of the market representing tuning boxes are still working with basic 1-2 channel systems we are already developing for the future. 5 channel systems are already available for selected vehicles here and the performance increases are technically years ahead.

In order to enable a legal operation on the road certification is ready for more than 1,000 vehicles to allow simple registration in the vehicle documents.


See your vehicles improved performance

Multi-Channel Digital Tuning

A digital tuning unit has a microprocessor controlled computer board inside which is programmed with specific parameters for each individual vehicle

Easy to Install

There are different types of connections used for different models of vehicle however all kits are fully plug in so no soldering is required

up to 40% MORE POWER

Enhances the performance of your engine using Multi-Channel Technology to give you up to 30% more POWER

up to 15% FUEL SAVING

Enhances the performance of your engine using Multi-Channel Technology to give you up to 15% FUEL SAVING

Controlled by Your Phone

Adjustable power setting controlled by an Android or Apple App - change from sports mode to eco while you drive


Our Chiptuning box is transferable to your next car. Simply disconnect and reconnect to your next car

Easy to Install & Remove

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